Bilare Consulting


The company was started in the end of year 2000. The main task is to provide resources for design and verification of telecom and datacom applications.
Other services can of cource also be provided.
Examples on assignments can be

  • Pre-studies
  • Requirement specification
  • System design
  • Programming
  • Test & Verification
  • Trouble shooting
  • Technical Support

for fixed telephony, (AXE, PSTN, ISDN) or mobile telephony, ( 3G, GSM, NMT, base-stations ), or datacom-systems e.g. nodes within IMS.
Assignments are mainly performed in projects at the customer premises together with their own personel. Pre-studies and requirement work can of course be performed at any suitable location. In case we are lacking a specific competence area, we will request help from partners and subcontractors.
We also take assignments as subcontractors to other companies.

Are you interested in joining us ? Don't hesitate to ask.

 Bilare Consulting AB, Österleden 51, 142 42 Skogås, Sweden      Phone: +46 (0)733 414820     Fax: +46 (0)733 414825